Observations of Instructors Teaching in an Active Learning Classroom

Matthes teaching in an active learning classroomOne of the best ways to become familiar with teaching in an Active Learning Classroom is to observe an effective instructor teach in the space.

You will have the opportunity to sit in a class session taught by an experienced instructor taking place in an active learning classroom. You will be able to choose from a list of dates, instructors, and location.

View Observations Schedule

Scheduling instructions

We are using Google appointments to book the observations. Your calendar will display along with the available observation times. Advance through the days or weeks until you find an observation that works in your schedule.

Participate in an observation: Click on the observation that works in your schedule and click on "save: to book the appointment.

Observation details: After booking the observation, the calendar event includes details including instructor name, types of active learning activities and instructions to follow prior to the observation. 

Cancel:  Click on the observation appointment in your calendar and change your status.