Active Learning Classroom Faculty Learning Community

Due to low enrollment, we will not be facilitating the Active Learning Classroom Faculty Learning Community which was scheduled to begin in September 2018.

One of the strengths of a faculty learning community is discussing your ideas and challenges with your colleagues. Faculty colleagues are some of the best resources for generating new ideas and having solutions for teaching challenges. We know from experience, however, that there needs to be a minimum number of participants to benefit from this synergistic effect. Unfortunately, we did not reach that number.

We are planning on offering the faculty learning community again to start in January 2019. If we have enough applicants we will run the program from the spring to the fall semester. We are also planning on offering a two-day intensive workshop during the semester break in January. This workshop would address most of the issues that would have been addressed in the faculty learning community but would be complete in 2 days. We will update this webpage when details are available.