Phase III - Expertise in Practice


Phase III occurs during the latter portion of a student’s curriculum and promotes the application of interprofessional skills and competencies required in a clinical practice or community setting.

Phase III was implemented in fall 2014 with an observation and reflection activity, paired with an interprofessional debriefing session. 

  • The inteprofessional observation and reflection activity tool provides students with a clear assignment that helps them to increase their awareness and understanding of teamwork and collaborative care as they are actively participating in clinical rotations or field experiences. 
  • After completing the Phase III interprofessional activity assignment in conjunction with their clinical rotation/fieldwork experience, students then participate in one of the Phase III interprofessional reflection and debriefing sessions held on the Twin Cities, Duluth and Rochester campuses (See upcoming dates on the Interprofessional Events Calendar). The Phase III reflection and debriefings are facilitated discussions which are two hours in length and are intended to provide students with the opportunity to share their experiences and reflections with an interprofessional group of students.  This will create a unique opportunity to learn about other perspectives and experiences relating to teamwork and collaborative care in the practice setting.

Contact if you have questions, or if you would like to know more.

Are you a student participating in Phase III?

The Phase III experience will build on your knowledge of roles/responsibilities, interprofessional communication and teamwork in the practice setting. It will also allow you to reflect and debrief with a trained facilitator in a group setting. By following the step-by-step guide below, your Phase III participation will be woven into the clinical rotation designated by your school/college. This will offer you the opportunity to experience and understand team interactions and observations through a lens focused on interprofessional collaboration and team-based care.  This experience will improve your own teamwork skills as you work toward becoming a collaboration-ready health care professional!

Step-by-Step Guide to Phase III

Once you are notified your rotation will include a Phase III interprofessional experience, complete the following:

  1. Register for your interprofessional debriefing session on the campus of your choice. 
  2. Before your interprofessional debriefing session takes place, log into the 1Health interprofessional data management system using your UMN x.500 and password, click on the Phase III tile, and complete the required reflection and observation form online (IPE Activity Form.)
  3. Attend the interprofessional debriefing session and participate in the guided reflection and discussion.
  4. Complete Phase III assessment and evaluation in the 1Health interprofessional data management system.

Register for a Phase III Interprofessional Debriefing Session

Follow the instructions below to register for an interprofessional facilitation training session.  We have scheduled the Phase III debriefing sessions to occur at regular intervals on the Twin Cities, Rochester and Duluth campuses for your convenience.   You will be given the option to select your preferred debriefing session date/location within registration page.

Step 1 - Click here:
Step 2 - Select school/program and preferred debriefing session, then click 'Sign Me Up'
Step 3 - Log into the 1Health database with UMN x.500 and password - this will complete the Phase III registration process

After registering for a Phase III debriefing session, students will receive an email confirmation with instructions for completing their IPE guided observation form, as well as the specific date, time and room location for the debriefing session.  The 1Health team will also send a reminder email to students prior to the session for which they are registered.

Questions regarding Phase III registration?  Please contact