Interprofessional Practice and Education (IPPE) Committee


Recognizing University of Minnesota’s needs for interprofessional faculty coordination to support the 1Health curriculum, the AHC Interprofessional Practice and Education Committee is charged with developing, implementing and coordinating interprofessional experiences across the disciplines and throughout the curriculum, including its clinical affiliates.

The committee has three objectives:

  1. To advance the AHC 1Health interprofessional education program
  2. To share information about AHC educational programs to support the development of education and training opportunities for team-based and collaborative practice
  3. To promote research, evaluation, assessment and scholarship in interprofessional practice and education.

The committee makes recommendations about how AHC students will acquire the core competencies needed for interprofessional, collaborative team practice in our educational programs. A goal is to continue developing longitudinal education programming to ensure students acquire and demonstrate these skills. 

The IPPE committee is facilitated by Brian Sick, Academic Interprofessional Deputy Director, AHC Office of Education, and Medical School.  The committee also works with deans and other interprofessional committees, including the 1Health team, to identify opportunities and address barriers.

AHC IPPE Committee Charter

IPPE Committee members are:

  • Judy Beniak, Health Careers Center
  • Cheri Friedrich, School of Nursing, 1Health team
  • Tom Gilliam, School of Public Health - Master of Healthcare Administration
  • Terrianne Jones, Center for Allied Health Programs - Occupational Therapy
  • Erica King, AHC Office of Education, 1Health team
  • Heather Mead Kim, AHC Office of Education, 1Health team
  • Mary Jo Kreitzer, Center for Spirituality and Healing
  • Amanda LaLonde, Medical School - Physical Therapy
  • Michael LuBrant, Mortuary Science
  • Aida Miles, School of Public Health - Nutrition
  • Laura Molgaard, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Chris Mueller, School of Nursing
  • Andre Nault, Health Sciences Library
  • Anne Pereira, Medical School
  • David S. Pieczkiewicz, Institute of Health Informatics
  • Amy Pittenger, College of Pharmacy, 1Health team
  • Karin Quick, School of Dentistry
  • Stacy Remke, School of Social Work
  • Bill Robiner, Medical School - Psychology
  • Craig Roth, Medical School
  • Brian Sick, IPPE Committee Chair, Medical School, 1Health team
  • John Song, Center for Bioethics
  • Cyndee Stull, School of Dentistry
  • Don Uden, College of Pharmacy
  • Steve Wiesner, Center for Allied Health Programs - Medical Lab Science
  • Laura Dammer Hess, Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP)