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What is 1Health?

1Health provides a framework for the achievement of interprofessional health professions collaboration and competency. It provides opportunities for students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, dentistry, veterinary medicine and allied health to gain exposure to and develop the skills needed for an interprofessional collaborative practice via awareness, immersion, and mastery.

1Health provides an educational basis for interprofessional collaboration to students, faculty and staff via

  • Faculty leadership
  • Continuity across introductory, classroom and clinical practice phases of learning
  • Program differentiation for specific professional needs (i.e. nursing vs. primary care providers)
  • A network of University of Minnesota and community-based health programs.

The 1Health learning process 

The 1Health learning process consists of three phases:

  • Orientation: Providing an Academic Health Center-wide introduction to interprofessional education
  • Necessary Skills: Immerses students in coursework and classroom experiences providing a basis for collaborative practice
  • Expertise in Practice: Clinical programs where students obtain authentic clinic skills and mastery in shared practice 

The following IPEC Core Competencies serve as the learning objectives for 1Health:

  1. values and ethics for interprofessional collaboration
  2. roles and responsibilities
  3. interprofessional communication
  4. and interprofessional teamwork and team-based care


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